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Title: Do You Want Your Computer to Just NOT be Sick with a Virus - Attention Honolulu
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Do You Want Your Computer to Just NOT be Sick with a Virus - Attention Honolulu Hawaii and All of Oahu
This computer service and help page is for Honolulu Hawaii and Oahu business with three or more computers. If you qualify stay right on this page. If you are an individual or business with two computers or less here in Honolulu Hawaii or anywhere on Oahu OR require remote computer assistance anywhere else in the world you want to be here (,13043.msg9767.html#msg9767)
Do you want your computer to just NOT be sick with a virus
OR, do you want it to be fast and efficient?

How much of your time is spent waiting for for that web page to load?

How much of your time is spent waiting for your computer to finish starting up?

How many clicks does it take you to get you to where you need to be on your computer?
Now Take Those Totals
Multiply that by hours in a day
Days in a week
Months in a year!
Do you have people working for you?
Multiply that total by the number of people you have working for you!
THAT’S how much time is being wasted by not having a healthy and efficient computer
THAT’S how money is being spent by not having a healthy and efficient computer
THAT’S how much money and time is being spent by your employees by not having healthy and efficient computers
THAT’S how much time is being wasted that is NOT being used by your business to help more people and MAKE MORE MONEY!
I’m Rick Kirkham and I’ll Take Care of This For You
I earned dual teaching certificates at EIU
I’ve been in computers since 1993
I’m self-employed full time and understand through experience the value of your time
I teach the safe-efficient use of computers to both senior citizens and business-people in Honolulu Hawaii and have gone as far as Dillingham Airfield for house and office calls
I’m one of the best computer virus removal specialists on the island of Oahu
and an author,6150.msg6301.html#msg6301
I maintain and repair computers for business and personal use,3.msg2765.html#msg2765
AND I Can Help You Whether You Know You Need Help or Not!
This is NOT one of those faceless remote services you get phone calls about all the time.
My team and I are local computer experts living right here on Oahu so when you call us, you don’t have to tap 808 :)
What We Will Do For You
I, or a team member, will visit your office once a month for general maintenance and efficiency checks or more if you have:
New software installations
New peripherals such as printers
Computer problems
Running slow
What Will This Cost You?
NOTHING! Compared to the cost of downtime, waiting for your computers to be back online to get the files, databases and software you need to run your office and make money.
As an introductory price, for a limited time, we are charging only $249.00 per month for this computer business efficiency service. As more and more businesses, such as yours, sees the value in having constantly working, efficient computers, our price will go up to $295 or higher per month, HOWEVER, anyone who sees the value of this service and signs up and the low price of $249.00 per month WILL NEVER see an increase in their monthly service rate.
What Will You Get?
Up to five hours of in office computer service with additional hours available at a discount.
Your monthly maintenance and computer efficiency visits Include:
Virus checks and removal
Spyware checks and removal
Malware checks and removal
Security updates
Work file and data backups
Computer setup
Peripheral installation
Printer upkeep (consumables provided to be reimbursed)
Homepage and shortcut check
Education and FAQs
This generally covers the needs of a small business with six computer or less. We’re happy to discuss the needs of any larger business and provide a reasonable rate for our service.
Get Signed Up Now
( (

Cancel anytime and pay $75.00 per hour   ( (   
For questions call or text Rick Kirkham at 224-1870
Get Free Computer, Tablet and Cell Phone Tips here,181.0.html     

PS I am the founder of If you could see it in your heart to look at this flier,6624.msg7040.html#msg7040      and consider printing and posting it I would consider it a blessing for those I will be able to help thanks to your efforts.
Title: Congratulations! On giving us your PC and peripheral worries
Post by: Admin on May 18, 2016, 04:51:04 PM
On giving us your PC and peripheral worries

Click Here   if you came across this Honolulu Hawaii computer help page accidentally (,46.msg46.html#msg46)

As a reminder, here is our agreement

We'll see you once a month and check all your computer, printers and other peripherals connected to your computer.

Monthly office visits will count as part of the five hours you're given per month.

An onsite call will count for at least one hour due to travel time.

Travel time is not included in your prepaid computer service time.

We will setup remote assistance as well. The remote assistance will naturally count as service time as well. This will help save us travel expense and make this special offer affordable to us as well as be able to help you with your computer faster.

Additional hours may be purchased at $50.00 payable immediately after the additional hour(s) work is completed for the day.

Reimbursement for hardware items including ink and paper is immediate.

Hardware replacement or purchase is not included in your prepaid service and is reimbursed immediately.

On the rare circumstance an outside specialist is agreed upon this will come out of your pocket not your prepaid time with us.

The more you and your staff communicate with us or write us notes the more we can help you.


Call or text me - Rick Kirkham 224-1870 and we'll setup our first appointment with you