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Title: I'll Pay You to Promote My Local Computer Repair and Tutoring Business
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I'll Pay You to Promote My Local Computer Repair and Tutoring Business #PartTimeJobs #WorkFromHome 
* Free website 
* Business cards 
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My name is Rick Kirkham. I'm a full time, self-employed in home computer, tablet and smart cell phone tutor, mobile virus removal and repair specialist covering Honolulu Hawaii and all of Oahu. Call or text 808.224.1870 Text only for the rest of the U.S. for remote computer support ( for help with Windows PCs, Surface tablets or Apple/Mac computers   
My team and I are constantly amazing Windows PC, Surface tablet and Apple/Mac computer users by speeding up their computers to a like new speed with a deep professional cleaning. Many of my in home and remote computer clients said they felt like they had a brand new computer! 
The Yellow Pages simply don't work any longer. Some of my potential in home computer tutoring clients may not even know how to search on Google or they may have a computer virus keeping them from searching Bing. So I'm reaching out to the community. If you help me help more people and pay my bills, I'll help you make some extra money.
Please share this offer with your social media groups by copying from the link up
I'll pay you $20.00 per kept in home computer appointment here in Honolulu Hawaii or anywhere on Oahu ( Call or text 808.224.1870 
I'll pay you $10.00 per kept English speaking remote computer support appointment covering the entire United States ( Text only 808.224.1870 or email     
I'll pay you $24.50 per order for my computer maintenance and virus removal ebook with links to the free software I use myself to professionally clean computers, keep them fast and virus free ( 
I'll Provide You with Marketing Tools to Help You Make More Money by Promoting My Computer Business 
Free Website ( example of your free website ( 
Social media buttons which are mobile friendly to help your marketing and advertising in order to help you make more money online   
Local Honolulu Hawaii and all of Oahu I'll supply you with a business card template from where you may print cards with your name on them as the referrer and my name and phone number to call or text 
Mainland U.S. I'll supply you with a business card template from where you may print cards with your name on them as the referrer and my name and phone number to text. I want to make it clear that even though my remote computer support and professional cleaning service only accepts English speaking United States residents, anyone in the world may join my program for free and make some extra money by helping me to spread the word. 
If I'm running a classified or Facebook ad or post an article you may copy and paste it to your social media and classified sites with your website address with referred by your name as well to help ensure I get you paid. 
Be sure to join my free computer tips and announcements website (, register, login and click Notify (not Unnotify) at the main board Computer Tips Cell Phone Articles and Tablet Help ( in the right hand corner to get email notifications of new ads and promotions you may use to make even more money by getting others the computer help they need. 
Copy the free computer tips as well, place your special website link at the end so you get paid for any orders or appointments and paste them to your social media groups and classified ad sites 
Why I'll Make You a Free Website
I'm using affiliate marketing (,130.msg131.html#cvrap) to help spread the word about my professional computer cleaning service and my instant download ebook on simple computer maintenance and malicious software removal which saves people hundreds of dollars in computer repairs while extending the life of the Windows PC, Surface table or Apple/Mac computer. 
Affiliate marketing is one of the easier ways to make money online, thus a lot of people doing it are simply promoting the special affiliate links themselves. Many websites now forbid affiliate links for promotion. I want to help make you look professional since this is also a reflection on me. Your website will be a subdomain which would be If you prefer I can even make you a completely separate domain so you'll look even more professional, but there is a fee for that. 
Okay Rick, It's Free and I Could Use Some Extra Money What Are The Requirements to Get Started? 
It's pretty simple. You need a "can do" positive attitude 
A free PayPal account. Don't worry. Even if you don't have a checking account there's a way to get your money out of your PayPal account 
Sign up here for the free affiliate program ( I mentioned earlier 
One of the reasons I use this affiliate management company is I have the ability to link all my products and services. This way no matter what product or service my new computer support client buys through this affiliate management company, YOU still get paid with just one affiliate link! 
Because you're representing my computer business I ask for some additional information. I'd look like a fool if a client said an affiliate promised something (no you can't do that) and I didn't have the slightest idea who he/she was talking about. 
So be sure to fill out this form ( as well. This will also give me the information I need to make your free website.
You're Basically Running Your Own Part Time Business 
As a Business Development Consultant (, you couldn't be in better hands. I'll help you anyway I can to make your business a success, which will then help me to become more of a success. You can then utilize that knowledge and diversify your business by adding more affiliate products and services. 
Email me if you have questions 
J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.