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    • In Home Computer Lessons and Virus Removal Powerful Website Design Now Available Introduction How We Started and Our Mission Statement
Computer Experts Helping Computer Users with Extra Tight Budgets     
 What Truly Moved Me to Start 
 Later That Night…
 Now It Begins…
 How To Find a Computer Expert in Your Area
 How to Get Listed as a Computer Expert for Your Area
 How to Post Your Computer Expertise to The  Board Section of The Christian Business Network
 Spread The Word
 My name is Rick Kirkham. I’m the founder of In 2009 I became an in home computer tutor and, thanks to our Lord's gifts, one of the best computer virus removal specialists on Oahu.     
 In 2010 I found our Lord Jesus Christ. The way that I felt about people changed and even the way I conducted my in home computer instruction and virus removal business changed. I began helping more people who were financially challenged, had extra tight budgets and even homeless. I even had a man call one time to ask for my help stating I had a reputation for helping homeless people with their computers. 
What Truly Moved Me to Start
 I was helping a very nice Mormon Christian family. I had met the husband on my first trip and the wife on this trip. It was on the other side of the island for me. Almost a one-hour drive. So I thanked the Lord for the opportunity to see the beauty that He created during this trip. I’m a city boy here in Honolulu and this was definitely country and beautiful. The husband had waited quite some time to call me so the computer virus had really dug deep. Many of my competitors probably would have wiped the hard drive thus making my computer client and fellow Christian a victim twice. It took me almost three and one-half hours to remove the computer virus and update their security to help protect them from hackers and spyware. 
 The wife began worrying about the cost since she knew it had taken me a while to remove all the computer viruses. She confessed to me that she had recently lost her job and was concerned that almost everything seemed to be revolving around money. I showed her my calculator on my cell phone and showed her what I normally charge. I find this helps people develop a basic idea of the cost in their minds and then I said, 
 “But whatever you’re comfortable with is fine.”
 I’d done this before for friends and neighbors. I’d never been out this far before and done the “whatever you’re comfortable with” fee. In case you’re wondering, in all my time of doing that since 2010 I have never had anyone try to take advantage of me. They all seemed to understand I had a family to feed and bills to pay just like they did, but I wasn’t expecting to hear what was said next, the young Christian wife and mother looked at me with her worried eyes and said, 
 “I’m afraid if I don’t pay you enough you’ll ignore our calls if we need help again.”
 This Christian mother was about my daughter’s age. I was so taken by what she said I hugged her and told her,
 “Don’t you worry, anytime you folks need me you just call and I’ll be there.”
 She wrote me a check for a fair amount and I left. 
Later That Night…
 I was thinking about all the people I had helped for the “Whatever you’re comfortable with” amount when The Spirit moved me to start Christian Computer Help so that I could help other people with financial challenges, the poor or just those with extra tight budgets. After talking it over with a few people including some in home computer clients, I decided extra tight budget was the best way to phrase the situation in which I was offering my God given computer skills and teaching ability. 
Now It Begins...
 Out of habit I looked for .com which was already taken by a Christian based computer business.  The Lord had bigger things in mind. Since .com was taken so I bought the domain   and realized I could invite computer experts from all over the world to join the organization. I also realized one of the reasons God told me to start The Christian Business Network Forum    so I could originally place it there in a board section. Board Section Owner service is available to all if you need a place to post your ads, articles and press releases about your product or service. I forwarded the domain (url, website address) to   A board section is a category composed of several boards in a forum where people may post their ads, articles, press releases and product announcements. A board section can be treated like an advanced, yet easy to use, sales page or website capable of selling several products and services separately.   
I've very recently moved   to   which, thanks to my Automated SEO (search engine optimization) methods got me a high search engine ranking on Google and the NUMBER 1 POSITION ON BING for my keyword search phrase!       
When You As a Person with Special Computer Skills Post Please State:
 Who you are
 What they do
 What areas you service
 And how you can help people on extra tight budgets

I'll create the location of your computer related service or product and move your post to it. DON'T WORRY! That's the beauty of this website system, you're url will not change. You'll just get more traffic when I move you to a better keyworded board to make it easier to find on the search engines.
How To Find a Computer Expert in Your Area or Someone Specializing in a Computer Skill
 What I’m planning on doing is having different boards for each state and each country in have a different board for each country and subboards for each state and city. 
As a Computer Expert Would I Have to Offer the "Whatever You're Comfortable With" Pricing
ABSOLUTELY NOT! You offer whatever is in your heart to offer and whatever your business can do. In other words - whatever YOU'RE comfortable with!
 How to Get Listed as a Computer Expert for Your Area
 Register with;area=regcenter;sa=register   
Wait for the double check email to arrive
Click the link inside the email to activate your account
In your Profile click Paid Subscriptions;area=subscriptions   
Click I Can Post and join to post your PERMANENT computer related ads, articles and press releases for only $5.00 per active posting month. Again YOUR AD IS PERMANENT! 
How to Post to     
Here you'll find general directions for posting for all of my forum based websites,2.0.html     If you have any problems email me at   
 Click on New Topic
 Type in your subject
 Type in your message body
 Click the YouTube icon will allow you to embed  YouTube videos into your promotion
 Click Post when you're done
Click Modify to edit after clicking back onto your post
 Since you’re a computer expert I won’t go into how to reply to a post you should be able to figure it out from the above instructions. 
 Thank You
 For helping end computer users with tight budgets. You’re a good person and God bless you.
 Spread The Word
By using the social media buttons on your left. If your logged in as a free subscribed reader you can email posts to friends and even click NOTIFY to be notified of new posts from any part of     

J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.
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