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Create a bootable USB stick on Ubuntu #VirusFreeComputers
« on: July 29, 2016, 10:51:15 AM »
Create a bootable USB stick on Ubuntu
How to create a bootable USB stick on Ubuntu

To create a USB stick from which you can install Ubuntu, you must first download Ubuntu and, if you want, verify the download.

Then, follow these instructions:
Insert a USB stick with at least 2GB of free space
Open the dash and search for Startup Disk Creator
Select the Startup Disk Creator to launch the app

Find the Startup Disk Creator
Click 'Other' to choose the downloaded ISO file if it isn’t found automatically, select the file and click 'Open'

Select the ISO
Select the USB stick in the bottom box and click 'Make Startup Disk' and then 'Yes'

Confirm USB stick
That's it! When the process completes, you'll be ready to restart your computer and begin installing Ubuntu

Writing the ISO to disk


Virus FREE Computer Operating System That Would Put My Full Time Computer Virus Removal Business OUT of Business written by Rick Kirkham

WOW! This computer operating system which looks like a cross between Windows and Apple/Mac impressed me even more lately! It’s the third most popular operating system of the world. As an in home computer tutor and, thanks to God’s gifts, one of the best computer virus removal specialists on Oahu, I’m impressed with the easy to use interface and adaptability of this computer operating system.

What I Like About Ubuntu - The Best Computer Operating System for Security and Ease of Use,11931.msg12177.html#msg12177
If you're not already on this computer help article post please click the link above. Feel free to share this article while keeping the courtesy link above intact

Faster for Older Computers

When Microsoft announced they were no longer supporting Windows XP I began replacing it with Ubuntu for my in home computer clients. The Ubuntu computer operating system has what is called a smaller footprint. That means it uses less resources to run the operating system itself as compared to Windows or Apple/Mac. Less resources to run the operating system means that more resources are free to run programs, applications and videos. More resources to run programs, applications and videos means less lag time and smoother running videos.

Single Install or Dual Boot

Dual boot means you can start your computer in its original operating system or Ubuntu

This means if you love your computer based Microsoft products you don’t have to give them up. Don’t worry with today’s computers you’ll never run out of hard drive (storage) space unless you purchase a Chromebook which is primarily for online use.

Built-in Free Programs

No 90 day trial garbage that traps you into using the program or you can no longer edit your files. Ubuntu comes built in with:

FireFox for Internet access

Libreoffice a Microsoft Office replacement which can import and export Microsoft documents

Software Center where you can search for additional software to meet additional needs you may have

No Viruses Spyware or Malware

Despite Apple's multi-million dollar advertising only a small percentage of the population owns Apple/Mac computers. The proprietary hardware and costly repairs keep it out of the hands of the average person (see my article on disposable computers,7188.msg7357.html ). Being the third largest operating system means an even smaller population using Ubuntu. Thus Ubuntu is where Apple was five years ago. Not enough of the population using it to draw the attention of hackers. There is antivirus software you can add. Avast is making free antivirus software for Ubuntu, but I don’t use it and I am generally overly cautious due to my profession.

Thanks to OneDrive a Free Online Cloud Based Version of Microsoft Office is Available

Microsoft's OneDrive cloud not only gives you 15 gigabytes of free storage, OneDrive also has free online Microsoft Office applications impressively similar to the computer based version of the office suite. Ubuntu users who love Microsoft Office can upload their files to the OneDrive cloud and work, edit and create new files from within the cloud. I personally find Google Drive more flexible just to voice an experienced opinion (see my article on Google Drive,5202.msg5336.html ).

File Recovery of Password Locked Computers

This is actually a service I offer using an Ubuntu flash drive or install/try disk. When a business calls me here on Oahu that had a disgruntled employee change the login password for the computer which must have files recovered before wiping the computer, I bring two tools. My Ubuntu flash drive and a flash drive to store the files before wiping the hard drive for the next employee. I have included directions on how to do this in my Ubuntu package even for Windows 8 computers and above which contain extra security.

File Recovery of Crashed Computers

Most hard drives (hardware which stores your files and photos) can still be accessed,but, not booted to start the computer as they begin to go bad. I once had a client call me who told me a private computer repair shop and a well known big box electronics store told him they could not recover the poor guy’s files. When I got the computer to my office and it wouldn’t boot to Windows I immediately went into virus removal mode and circumvented the operating system with an Ubuntu flash drive and copied the client’s files to another flash drive. He was very happy and has been my computer clients since. I have included directions on how to do this in my Ubuntu package even for Windows 8 computers and above which contain extra security.

And Here's More!

I don't use these features myself so I didn't know how easily they could be initiated.


If you're computer comes with an HDMI port it will work with Ubuntu and easily. My client plugged his HDTV into his computer through his HDMI port and I could immediately see his computer screen on the HDTV. The TV was on the left and it was showing the right side of his screen. I told him the adjustments were in Settings (which looked like a gear) and Display. He found them and was able to simply drag the right monitor to the left and change it!


Two mouse clicks and my client found the pairing mode for his bluetooth speakers. Now let me make it clear, your computer must come with the hardware for bluetooth recognition. Ubuntu doesn’t just magically give your old XP computer bluetooth capabilities, but if you have a newer computer that comes with bluetooth, Ubuntu’s friendly user interface will help you pair your speakers or whatever bluetooth device you happen to be using.

So Here’s What I (Rick Kirkham) Did!

I want the world to enjoy the fast, secure and user friendly computer operating system Ubuntu, NOT just the computer clients for which I make housecalls here in Honolulu Hawaii (call or text Rick Kirkham at 224-1870 if you’re on Oahu).

SO I not only created a bunch of Ubuntu flash drives and even some CDs, using my computer teaching skills I typed out directions in very simple, end computer user, friendly, language. No Geek-Speak whatsoever! I’ll get you the Ubuntu flash drive or CD (you should go with flash drive otherwise known as USB Stick if you’re not sure) AND directions for only $49.00 click here now.

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Thank you for the information. Here's a donation to help with this venue's expenses Mr. Kirkham
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