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You may call or text me at 224-1870. My name is Rick Kirkham. 50% of my In home computer, cell phone and tablet tutoring clients are senior citizens. What makes me stand out from others giving computer lessons is this - I've not only been in computers since 1993, have a full head of gray hair which helps my In home computer clients relate to me, but what makes different is I'M A DUAL CERTIFIED TEACHER!

Here's an article I wrote called Tips for Teaching Grandma How to Use her Computer Cell Phone or Tablet to give you an idea of my teaching style.,120.msg122.html#msg122   

I'm known for my step-by-step, hands on positive approach. My clients state I have a lot of patience, but in reality I simply enjoy what I do very much. I bring the world to my in home computer clients who, sometimes due to mobility issues, may not otherwise see the things they see as the world opens for them in their own living rooms, as they skype their grandchildren and see the faces of newborn grand or great grand babies even though their children may be on the mainland. My God given talent is to help my computer clients accomplish this and enjoy themselves as they learn.

Give me a call or text if you'd like me to start classes over there.  I have a link to a flier below. If you would consider printing it and posting it for your residents that would be a wonderful blessing. I realize some of your residents may have financial challenges. Let me assure you, as the founder of I'm happy to work with those situations.     

Looking forward to hearing from you,

J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.
Author of How to Setup Yahoo Email and Download Pictures
Author of Ultimate Computer Virus Removal and Security Instructions and Kit
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Thank you for the information. Here's a donation to help with this venue's expenses Mr. Kirkham
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